God is Good - All the Time!

God loves you.  He's not mad at you; He wants your good.  He sent His Son, Jesus, to prove it. 

He wants you to know - He is.  He cares.  And He can make a difference in your life!

About Us

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Statement of Faith


We are a non-denominational church.

We believe in One True God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Creator of all things.

We believe in accordance with the words of Jesus Christ that you must be born again.

We believe the Bible in its entirety is the Word of God and the infallible guide for faith and conduct.

We believe in the Resurrection of the dead - the eternal happiness of the saved and eternal punishment of the lost.

We believe in Divine Healing.  It is the Bread of God's children, yet is available to all who believe, just like salvation.

We believe in water baptism, in the baptism in the Holy Spirit as distinct from the new birth, in speaking with tongues as evidence of the Holy Spirit in us, in the gifts of the Spirit, and evidence of the fruits of the Spirit.  We believe all of these are available to every believer.

We believe that God is a good God all the time.  Good God; Bad devil.

We believe that all Christians are commissioned to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to all people.

We believe in the soon coming, return of the Lord Jesus Christ.